• Lavender massage Wax 550g

    • 550g Lavendar massage wax
    • €35.00

      Lavender is not a blended wax, but is used alone, to give you the pure calming, soothing and balancing effects of Lavender.

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    Our Lavender Massage Wax is formulated with French Lavender Oil and is one of the most popular massage waxes. This is not surprising as it has been in popular use for a very long time and has been appreciated for its deep and calming scent through the ages. Whilst it is very well known for its scent, it never seems to go out of favour and is loved by men and women, making it a very versatile blend. It’s cleansing properties also make it ideal for use as an all over massage wax and we now have the Lavender as a Reflexology Wax, as it is ideal for that purpose as well.

    Our Lavender oil comes from the Drome, Vaucluse and Hautes Alpes region in France, it’s high altitude and high quality!

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