• Reflexology Wax – Tea Tree and Mint 100g

    • STTMRW100
    • €12.00

      Foot Balme (Reflexology Wax) is an ideal ‘pick-me-up’ for tired feet, as well as a specially formulated wax for use in Reflexology.

    Reflexology Wax  was developed in 2005 in response to requests by many Reflexologists who asked us for a minty, fresh version of the Massage Wax they were using for Reflexology. There was also a request that it be slightly tighter in terms of consistency for use in Reflexology treatments. It took a while and many consultations with various parties before we finally came up with what is now the Reflexolgy Wax in its various blends.

    Tea Tree and Mint is used both as a refreshing Foot Massage and Reflexology medium. The essential oils are Spearmint, Peppermint and Tea Tree. Both Spearmint and Peppermint are cooling, cleansing and stimulating, whilst the Tea Tree is a well known anti-bacterial and anti-fungal essential oil which balances the formula and helps cleanse the feet during Reflexology treatments.

    In terms of performance, the wax is thicker than the Massage Waxes, so that it gives the correct amount of grip/slip ratio for Reflexology treatments.

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